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I, the undersigned:

Apply for membership in the Canadian Union of Public Employees and its Local 905 and agree to abide by its constitution and bylaws.

If accepted into membership, I promise to support and obey the Constitution of this union, to work to improve the economic and social conditions of other members and other workers, to defend and work to improve the democratic rights and liberties of workers, and that I will not purposely or knowingly harm or assist in harming another member of the union.

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Dues-paying member

Everyone under the scope of CUPE 905’s Collective Agreement is a dues-paying member. Dues are collected each paycheck. This allows members access to the grievance process, all your rights within the Collective Agreement, and the right to vote in strike and ratification votes.

Member in Good Standing

A member in good standing is equally entitled to the rights noted above with the addition of being eligible to run for union positions, to vote in union elections, vote on budgets, by-laws, and motions made at membership meetings.

To ensure all our members of CUPE Local 905 are MIGS, there are three steps each member must take:

  1. Members must fill out a membership form, which must then be signed by a witness (another MIGS) or emailed directly to the local (

  2. By signing the membership form, the member is agreeing to the oath which is printed on the form.

  3. The names of those who completed the membership form will be presented for approval at the subsequent CUPE 905 General Membership Meeting (GMM).

Once all these steps have taken place, you will be a member in good standing. If there are any questions about this process please feel free to reach out to your steward, unit executive, or the signing officers at CUPE Local 905.

The MIGS Form is New

The Member in Good Standing Form was only introduced by CUPE National in 2019. Prior to that if you attended a union meeting (except strike or ratification vote) you should have been sworn in as a MIG at the beginning of the meeting. To ensure that we have a record of your MIGS status, along with updated contact information, we are encouraging ALL members to fill out the MIGS form and submit to the Local.

MIGS Form During COVID

CUPE National has advised that due to social distancing during the pandemic, forms can be filled out electronically. If you cannot insert an electronic signature please type your name in the Applicant Signature section. Once you email the filled out electronic form to the Local we will include a Witness Signature to complete the form. Please send filled out forms to:

Confirming Membership Status

If you’d like to confirm your membership status please e-mail Liisa, our receptionist: Once your name is approved at the GMM we will send you an email confirming you are now a member in good standing with Local 905.