(Including exposures, near miss, assaults, needlestick injuries, etc.)

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In an effort to help and support the Injured and Ill Worker in CUPE 905, this website provides a contact point to help support you through the difficult times it takes you to recover.

While some employers share information with the Union freely, some employers aren’t as willing or can have delays.  The absence or untimely reporting may have detrimental effects to your claim and add difficulty to navigating through the system.

This website is a volunteer reporting tool that notifies the CUPE 905 Injured and Ill Worker Representative (or designate).  It gives the ability to track injuries, illness and dangerous situations to help the Union be notified in a timely fashion.  More importantly, it gives the worker an ability to start communication with the Union representation to help you become aware of your rights and obligations.

One injury is too much.

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