‘CUPE’s unwavering support for front-line employees is a testament to their commitment to promoting fairness,’ writes Dillon McDowell

Bradford Today
Letter to the Editor
August 24, 2023

BradfordToday welcomes letters to the editor at news@bradfordtoday.ca or via the website. Please include your full name, daytime phone number and address (for verification of authorship, not publication). The following letter is in response to the ongoing Bradford library workers’ strike.

I am Dillon McDowell, a proud member of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library Board, and I am honoured to express my unwavering support for the library workers’ fight for $1.35. As both a board member and an advocate for justice, I firmly stand behind their pursuit of fair representation and inclusivity within our library system.

Recognizing that the majority of library workers are women, it is evident that their voices and perspectives need to be adequately represented in decision-making processes. This is a pivotal step toward rectifying gender disparities that persist not only within our library, but also throughout our society. Achieving gender diversity in leadership roles is an essential aspect of fostering a more equitable environment in Bradford West Gwillimbury.

The call for a modest increase of $1.35 is not just about a financial adjustment; it symbolizes our commitment to progress in matters of equity. This endeavour resonates deeply with me, considering my dedication to advocating for fairness and inclusiveness. Having faced distinct challenges due to my disability, I am acutely aware of the inequities that can arise from imbalanced resource allocation, especially in favour of dominant groups.

By standing in solidarity with the library workers and their request for a fair collective agreement, we are taking a significant stride toward ensuring that every member of our workforce feels valued and safeguarded. In a landscape where large corporations continue to raise prices, contributing to the financial strain of many, it becomes imperative for us to safeguard the livelihoods of our valued library employees.

I wholeheartedly support CUPE’s petition for $1.35, not only because it aligns with my personal values, but because it aligns with the principles of equity and justice that our library and our community hold dear. I invite anyone who wishes to engage in a discourse about the role of unions within Canada’s democratic framework to reach out to me. In these challenging economic times, marked by cycles of uncertainty, CUPE’s unwavering support for front-line employees is a testament to their commitment to promoting fairness.

As a member of the library board, I find it paramount that we contribute to a positive impact that ensures equitable treatment for all individuals. By embracing this opportunity, we demonstrate our dedication to ensuring that resources are distributed fairly, so that no group is left with more than they need while others struggle to meet their needs.

Let us unite in our support for the library workers, CUPE, and the broader objective of creating a more equitable society. Together, we can make substantial strides towards justice, both within our library and across our town.

Dillon McDowell
Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library Board Member