Support BWG Library Workers!

Support BWG Library Workers!2023-10-06T17:25:36-04:00

Workers at Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library were on strike for more than 10 weeks fighting for a $1.35/hour raise in our first collective agreement until we were mandated back to work by the Ontario Labour Relations Board on September 29th. Working conditions have resulted in over half the staff leaving in the past two years. As library workers, we want nothing more than to continue serving the community. Use our form to send your message of support to Mayor Leduc and BWG Council!

Tell Council that library workers deserve a fair contract!

Who Does Mayor Leduc Answer To?

BWG Library workers were on strike for since July 21st fighting for a $1.35/hour raise per year until they were mandated back to work by the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

The BWG Library Board has $1,000,000 in reserve funding and has saved 10 weeks of payroll due to the strike.

Thousands of BWG residents have signed our petition, made phone calls, emailed Councillors, and spoken at Council meetings in support of a wage increase for library workers.

Why isn’t Mayor Leduc listening to you? Who does he answer to?

Mayor Leduc accepted $28,000 in campaign donations from developers. That’s more than 2/3 of his total donations.

See for yourself 👀

Mayor Leduc is working for developers, not for you.

Tell Mayor Leduc you stand with BWG library workers!

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